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Dugda Construction

Dugda Construction Company, has a proud tradition of service as a Building Contractor since 2011.

Dugda Construction Plc was established in 2011 to play a significant role in the Ethiopian construction industry by applying the latest construction techniques, technologies and practices while offering exceptional value added services to clients. In a few years, Dugda has become one of the best performing construction companies in the country. Operating across the country in partnership with the private and public sector, foreign and domestic clients.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

Dugda offers a ‘complete construction solution’ to meet clients’ requirements. The dedication of the company’s management team and staff, aided by the conducive economic and political environment has put the company on a fast track to growth and development.

We have experience in a wide variety of projects and delivery methods, and use both time-proven practices and cutting-edge techniques to make sure our customers’ projects meet their maximum potential.

A History of Excellence



The establishment

Dudga Construction Plc was established as a Grade 3 Building Contractor (BC-3)



Our first project

Dudga Construction Plc successfully completed its first project.



The head office

Dudga Construction Plcrelocated to their own Head Office in Addis Ababa.



Grade 1 Building Contractor

Dudga Construction Plc became a Grade 1 Building Contractor (BC-1).



Major building projects

Dudga Construction Plc completed 7 major building projects around the country.



Ready mix concrete

first ready mix concrete plant and foundation specialist SC-1



first road construction project

Dudga Construction Plc started its first road construction project



Our first road construction project

Dudga Construction Plc started their first road construction project



Second ready mix plant

Dudga Construction Plc added its second ready mix concrete plant