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Founder’s Message

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce, Dudga Construction Plc, one of the fastest growing building contractors with specialized services that revolutionize the approach to construction in Ethiopia.

The dynamism of Ethiopia’s economy encourages us to go forward and serve at a pace that complements our business drive. We demonstrate our values to work diligently in order to achieve a sustainable growth. This spirit has been crafted from our entrepreneurial beginnings, which continues to pave the way to a solid local and international business portfolio. Our ardent success has enabled us to acquire specialist knowledge and unparalleled expertise to pursue new investment opportunities that maximizes value creation for our stakeholders.

As a member of GETAS International group of companies, Dugda Construction Plc is pursuing an ambitious dream to play a significant role in relieving the frustration that exist in Ethiopia’s construction industry. We are committed to satisfying our clients in the best way possible through the acquisition of knowledge, experience, skilled expertise, advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment that will increase efficiency and effectiveness.