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Corporate Responsibility

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Our Sustainability Strategy
Our Sustainability Strategy is twofold: reduce our own environmental impact and help our customers to reduce their environmental impact. We have identified energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste as the main environmental impacts that we should focus on. Our target is to reduce environmental impact in these four areas by 20% by 2020. Our aim is to achieve this goal by reducing our impact by 2% every year.

With this vision, we have implemented our company wide Sustainability Initiative “Caring for the Future” program.

Caring for The Future
Dugda have the responsibility to drive sustainability in their regions by identifying opportunities for reductions and finding creative solutions to enhance sustainability performance.

At production levels, a number of initiatives to reduce our environmental impact are already underway. Our Sustainability Council members at production sites are continuously looking into innovative and sustainable production practices to reduce our impact.

We believe that our sustainability efforts to reduce energy consumption, water use, waste and other resources will make us more cost effective and competitive.

As a company, we also feel our responsibility towards society is important. One of the ways by which we can effectively contribute to society is to use our expertise to solve problems that societies face. We do this by collaborating with local governments, research institutions and universities to develop affordable solutions in the area of drinking water, water conservation, green energy, and environmental education.

Being active in the communities in which we live and work is a core value at Dugda Construction. We leverage our core strengths, our employees’ talent and time, and our social investments to support the social and economic development of our surrounding communities.

Dugda aims to lead in sustainable construction by developing building products and solutions that have significant positive sustainability attributes and contribute to the transformation of the construction sector.

Dugda Construction aims to operate a successful, sustainable and socially responsible business which makes a positive contribution to the communities and environments in which we work. We believe that every company including ourselves no matter what it does has an effect on the world around it. Being a responsible business means being honest about the consequences of our activities – minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive opportunities. Due to our robust approach to measuring and reporting enables us to effectively evaluate our systems and the impact of initiatives undertaken to improve performance. In this way we are able to identify adapt and implement measures which improve our operations and services we provide to our clients.