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    Advancements in Construction Safety

    No matter which construction site you visit or what the job entails, there are going to be plenty of potential hazards to be found. It’s just part of the job, frankly, and those working on construction sites get used to it. However, even a minor accident can easily result...

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    3 Steps To Take Following an Accident at the Jobsite

    As a construction worker, you can get so comfortable with your daily routine that it’s easy to forget the risks associated on the jobsite. In high-risk jobs, like construction, becoming numb to the inherent dangers of the jobs can prove to be fatal. So, what should you do to...

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    Communicating During Construction

    When it comes to high-risk work like construction and manufacturing, crises are bound to arise. Employees can find themselves in hazardous situations with no easy means of communicating their peril to other workers. In warehouses or large jobsites, this can be especially dangerous as some workers might find themselves...

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    Mental Health Initiatives for Construction Professionals

    mindset has created several pockets of society where men either deem mental health issues unimportant or avoid seeking help out of fear. The construction industry is one of these pockets. While professionals are doing great work to increase physical safety on the jobsite, mental health concerns too often stay...

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