Advancements in Construction Safety

No matter which construction site you visit or what the job entails, there are going to be plenty of potential hazards to be found. It’s just part of the job, frankly, and those working on construction sites get used to it. However, even a minor accident can easily result in extensive, expensive damages, not to mention the potential for workplace injury. 

Business owners, on-site supervisors, and individual workers need to remain vigilant. With the latest advances in construction safety, there are plenty of equipment options and other resources which can help to minimize the risks associated with an on-site accident.

Wearable mobile technology represents nothing short of a revolution in terms of construction site safety. Hard hats and other equipment produced by companies like SmartCap are designed to monitor workers in order to detect signs of fatigue or other impairments. From being able to monitor traffic both in and around the construction site to ensuring that each worker and contractor is less likely to suffer from a fatigue-related accident, the latest generation of wearable protective gear has a great deal to offer.

Smart Safety Vest

Commonly seen at any job or construction site, a traditional safety vest does little more than raise the visible profile of the wearer. Smart vests and similar garments utilize a wide range of features which could play a key role in creating and maintaining a safer work environment. From garments that make use of LEDs and sensors to further increase visibility in low-light environments to vests designed to detect the wearer’s vital signs in order to alert them of any abnormalities, smart vests are something that industry professionals can expect to see a whole lot more of in the days ahead